Matters pursuant to the Specified Commercial Transactions Act

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CompanyJapanese Society of Grassland Science
PresidentMikinori TSUIKI
Locationc/o NARO Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science, 768 Senbonmatsu, Nasushiobara, Tochigi 329-2793
Contact informationTel: 03-3893-0111             Email address:

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Type of GoodsAnnual membership fees , convention participation fees and books
Prices of GoodsShown in detail on the Society’s website and application pages
Bank transfer feesApplicants shall pay bank transfer fees .(The Society, however, will cover the fees and processing fees paid to Robot Payment, Inc. and credit card companies.)
Consumption taxThe prices include consumption tax, in principle. (Annual membership fees and registration fees of meetings are not subject to consumption tax (exempt from tax).)
Payment methodBank transfer, postal transfer, credit card (depends on the type of goods)
Payment timing and deadlinesShown in notifications and on application pages.
Cancellations and changes to applicationsIn principle, cancellation is not possible after the completion of the Secretariat’s procedures. Please contact the Secretariat, if the applicant would like to cancel their application before the procedure is complete.
Start Date for ServicesShown in notifications and on application pages.
Returned goodsThe Society will exchange a publication and cover the shipping costs if the publication is damaged or has missing pages.